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Artist Achievements

Dion Isaiah

Who would've thought a geechee boy from the gutta of Charleston, South Carolina would have over 2 million streams on Spotify independently?

My childhood was unlike any other musician who was born with an instrument in their hand. My musical journey would begin in his senior year of high school, where my vocal ability was discovered by his opera teacher. An audition was held at a music conservatory in my hometown and I began traveling the world singing classical and opera.

In my heart, I felt songwriting was y calling and it led him to the country of Norway. As an exchange student, I would meet artists who created popular standard music. This interested me to embark on my own journey as an artist and songwriter.

I have released a string of singles of my own and have been collaborating with producers/artists all over the world. Australian trio Date Night, Mexican producer Delove, Norwegian Kabia, Dutch DJ Laurentius, and the latest Brazilian DJ Ralk, he was asked by Dutch producer Kayote to remix one of his singles “Morning Light,” which is my first song with over a million streams. I'm set to release his debut EP sometime in 2023.

With an unabashed love of modern pop and my infinite pen, I'm ready to win no matter what.


Rich Fortuna

My name is Rich Fortuna. I haven’t had any success with my music since I started producing back in 2014. This year in March I went viral with my original stunt (Zebra Tan) on Tiktok making over 40 million views up until now (December 2022). I’m growing my audience and I’m almost at 40k on Tiktok. My goal is to display my artist career physically and musically. I’ve been following Burstimo since 2016 and it’s helping me a lot developing my brand. I haven’t released in a year and 3 months but I have released demos on my Tiktok, currently building a bigger audience for my next stunt which will come out with a song. Thanks Burstimo for the help you’ve given me in decision making as an artist.



Face Time Police

We’re an unsigned band, but our first collaboration was with Napalm Records artist, Lord Of The Lost.

The collaboration track, “Crimson Masque” got some traction on Spotify this year according to our Spotify Wrapped. We made a video that goes in-depth on how this opportunity came about (see link below). Basically, Lord Of The Lost held a contest on Facebook. Selected artists would be given an unreleased instrumental track; the artists would then have a week to write and record vocals to that instrumental.

The finished (mixed, mastered) songs would then be available on deluxe versions of their then upcoming album, Judas. The deluxe version was put on Spotify this year, and our collaboration track got over 15k+ streams according to our Spotify Wrapped stats. That might not seem like a huge number, but it’s big for a small band like ours.

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