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We give artists a
disproportionate advantage.

artists supported


opportunities rewarded


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Democratising the Music Industry

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With so many opportunities and resources,
the only thing holding you back is

the quality of your music.

Companies involved with the membership:

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Our formula for success.

Burstimo is run by music marketers
who have helped hundreds of artists
grow their music career.

Opportunities in the Feed

Members get access to submit their music to industry opportunities like Spotify playlisting, press features, influencer promotions, feedback from a professional songwriter, A&R, Spotify editor, music supervisor and more.

Every week members get access to a PDF filled with the latest trends, content ideas, artist accounts to take inspiration from and platform updates.

Click to view a recently published report.

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Educational courses

Included in the membership, members get access to 

online courses designed to provide artists of any genre with the knowledge needed to thrive in the music industry. TikTok course and Lawyer course available. More coming soon.

Guides and Q&As with expert advice

Burstimo members get to benefit from our collective 

knowledge and experience through 100+ answered questions from artists and comprehensive guides on topics like ChatGPT, release strategy, social media, press features, radio plays, mental health and more.

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Resources and Databases

Members get instant access to Resources like our Templates (EPK, press release, emails, budget) as well as our Databases of 200+ TikTok and IG influencers and 100+ music blogs/press outlets to get in contact with.

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Exclusive discount deals

Members have access to deals from leading software and music equipment companies offering discounts on music submission, website, analytics, mastering AI, 
amplifiers, and much more.

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And more to come.

We're constantly gaining new industry contacts and

developing new opportunities and resources to help

our artists take their music career to the next level.

We put artists' interests first.

  • We offer any artist access to the industry.

  • We provide weekly resources and opportunities.

  • We believe in your potential, offering continuous support and tools for growth.

  • We don't demand a % of your revenue or royalties.

  • We don't tell you what to do. We only offer advice.

  • We don't rush you, we respect your unique timeline.


We help musicians elevate their exposure and industry knowledge, and the impact is clear.

We help artists at the early stages 

regardless of their age.

We improve the industry knowledge of early stage artists.

We give artists
an advantage in reaching a wider audience.

Our platform has a track record of helping musicians achieve success.

  • XX% of members receive a press feature or Spotify playlisting placement.

  • YY% of members 

  • XX artists received feedback from industry professionals

  • 100+ Consultancy questions answered.

  • XX% of members receive a press feature or Spotify playlisting placement.

  • YY% of members 

  • XX% of members receive a press feature or Spotify playlisting placement.

  • YY% of members 

Choose your pricing plan

All plans offer full access with varying price and billing frequencies

  • Monthly

    Every month
    Paid monthly
  • Most Popular


    Every 3 months
    Save over 33% vs a monthly subscription
  • Yearly

    Every year
    Save 50% vs a monthly subscription

  • How quickly can I expect to see results after joining?
    It depends on how seriously you take your music career and how effectively you utilize the resources and opportunities provided. Our platform is designed to provide immediate value by giving you access to Resources, Opportunities, Courses and our Consultancy service, so if you put in the work you will see results. However, each artist's journey is unique and significant growth takes time and consistent effort, so it is essential that you remain consistent and dedicated to achieve true success. As a member, we are here to support you every step of the way!
  • I'm just starting out as an artist. Is that a problem?
    The opposite is the case. The membership is especially useful if you're just starting out as you get access to templates and guides that will give you a head start – like our EPK template, social media profiles template, budgeting template etc. Through the Consultancy service you can ask us any questions you have specific to your career and we'll answer them, as well as give you access to all previously answered questions – a whole vault of information. Additionally, the Courses give you deep knowledge on the most important music marketing topics. Plus, you can submit your first release to the Press and Spotify playlisting opportunities in the Feed!
  • I live in X country. Is that a problem?
    Not at all. We provide access to opportunities and resources valuable to all artists, and we already have members from all across the globe, so your location does not matter at all.
  • Is the membership only for specific music genres?
    No, the membership is highly valuable to artists in all music genres. We provide resources and opportunities that are applicable across all styles of music and will help you take your music career to the next level.
  • When will I get access to the membership features?
    Upon choosing your pricing plan and confirmation of payment you will immediately get access to all membership features. ‍
  • Have you considered doing a free trial?
    We know that a lot of other services do this, but with the nature of this membership we can't do that. Imagine if we put up an opportunity to pitch your music to be the soundtrack of a new Netflix series, and then hundreds of people on a free trial outnumber your submission when you've paid money, it wouldn't be fair. We're looking for committed artists who we can support long-term.
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